Meeting with Dr. Karol Nawrocki – President of the Institute of National Remembrance

Centre is Dr. Karol Nawrocki  on his left  is Irene Urbaniak (wearing the long dress)

Dr. Karol Nawrocki outlined the crucial role played by the Institute of National Remembrance, and clarified its capabilities and limitations while dispelling some of the myths surrounding it. During his speech, he also shared the inspiring story of the “Trails of Hope” which recounts the mass odyssey of Polish citizens during World War II. These journeys, both military and civilian, were undertaken with the goal of restoring Poland’s freedom and sovereignty and were initiated by the legal authorities of the Republic of Poland. The story is one of fear, courage, love for family and country, heroism, sacrifice, and the price of freedom. It represents a narrative of hope and a longing for the Homeland.

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