National Reading in Branch 1 Toronto – September 9, 2023

National Reading of Eliza Orzeszkowa’s novel “Above the Niemen”

In Commune#1-The Polish National Union in Canada, which was organized

By the Golden Autumn Senior Club on September 9, 2023.

Above the Niemen By Eliza Orzeszkowa is the 12th edition of the National Reading in Poland. Polish President Andrzej Duda addressed a commemorative letter, encouraging people to read together. Excerpt from a letter from the President of Poland,

Mr. Andrzej Duda read out in Our Municipality #1-president of the Head Board of ZNPwK-Mrs. Bozena Jokel for which we would like to thank her.

“I would like this year’s reading to also deepen our reflection on how we read our history today and how we remember it. And that, especially today, in the face of aggressive Russian imperialism, by referring to the insurrectionary act, Peanut’s novel should further strengthen the conviction of the fundamental right of every nation to its own freedom and sovereignty,” the President added.”

Senior Club Zlota Jesien received, a commemorative stamp® for the National Reading, which was used on postcards for Guests and members of ZNPwK.

In the National Reading in the Commons#1, participated the Polish Media ie.

Mr. Andrzej Kumor from the weekly newspaper “Goniec”, who made an all-encompassing film with interviews and the reading of excerpts from the novel “Above the Niemen”

A film for the Senior Club was also made:

Municipal Board Member#1-ZNPw K- Mr. Hieronim Teresinski,-for which we are extremely grateful.

So the National Reading in the Commune#1

It began with the greeting of Guests by:

Mr. vice-president of ZNPwK-Mr. Bartłomiej Habrowski

Board member of the Senior Club Ms: Alicia Farmus

Board member of the ZJ Club vice president : Zosia Poradzisz

Preparation for the National Reading took place over several weeks.

It should be mentioned that the ladies of the Senior Club Zlota Jesien sewed for the occasion beautiful dresses stylized for the 19th century, that is, the times described by E. Orzeszkova in her novel “Above the Niemen”, which positively influenced the atmosphere of the NC.

There was also a performance by the Singing Ensemble; “Yangsters Capella” singing occasional patrician songs.

The event was held in a friendly atmosphere, conferenced by

Vice president of the Senior Club: Zbigniew Kozak.

Zosia Poradzisz presented; Stories of the novel “Above the Niemen”.

The gathered Guests at this splendid Celebration congratulated the performers on the good idea for the decoration and the whole Performance.

NC Coordinator

Zosia Poradzisz

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